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Polytechnic Designs (trading as Panozzo Engineering) was incorporated in 1990 and has been engaged in technical consultation mainly as an entity within larger Organisations. Having acquired valid experiences Polytechnic Designs trading as Panozzo Engineering is now seeking to develop its own technologies and business.
The company is active in a number of different fields including heavy industrial and commercial engineering.

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Peter Panozzo BE, MEngSC, MIE(Aus), MIEI (IRE) Structural/Mechanical
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Associate Principal:

Livio Panozzo BE (Mech) Mechanical

Associated Staff:

Polytechnic Designs makes use of a Network of Designers and Engineers to undertake larger projects. This can only benefit the client as each Project is competitively priced with no large overheads.
Our Resources
Resources at our disposal
Engineering: Strand 7, Limsteel, Micro-strand V8 and Solidworks Simulation
Drafting: Solidworks and Autocad